Interesting Blogs by Our Knights

Altered Instinct
This blog is run by Stephen Hunt and is the blogging outlet for Inklings Press.
You will find posts on: Book Launches, Book Reviews, A bit of current events

Working Title Blogspot
Limericks and Interviews and Coffee Breaks, OH MY! Brought to you by our very own Jane Jago and E.M. Swift-Hook

Sam Colbran
Sam explores the joys and woes of being a writer.

World News Center
Bill McCormick offers up everything from reviews to political comentary: all with a dash of humor.

Judith Rook
Writer, Reader, and General Book Fan: Judith Rook dishes on Science Fiction and Other Things.

Sword & Pen
Cindy Tomamichel’s blog has it all, writing help, reviews, interviews and short stories.

Mary R. Woldering
Reviews, interviews, and a bit of everything else.

Ricardo Victoria
Writer, Toy Photographer, Random Musings

Julia Vee
Discover the Blog – Fiction, Futurism, and More

Melissa H. North
A truly creative piece of writing is a dangerous thing, it can change your life!

Lynne Stringer
Author. Editor. Journalist

Zachry Wheeler
Commentary about being an extra, writing novels, and how to survive a Comic Con.

But I Don’t Like Salad
Lots of Reviews
Even more reviews

Bill McSciFi
A place to get lost for hours, days, years……



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