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September 29 – October 5

Bill McCormick

Bill McCormick began writing professionally in 1986 when he worked for Chicago Rocker Magazine in conjunction with his radio show on Z-95 (ABC-FM). He went on to write for several other magazines and later transitioned to blogs. He currently writes a sports blog at Jay The Joke, as well as a twisted news blog at World News Center. The latter provides source material for his weekly radio show on WBIG 1280 AM, FOX! Sports. Yes, you read that correctly, he does a show about anything other than sports on a sports radio station.

In 2011, Bill started submitting some fictional short stories to various publishers. Much to his surprise, and the consternation of linguists everywhere, they began publishing his efforts. Bill has expanded his repertoire to include comic books, graphic novels, and full length novels. He has currently penned everything from dystopian nightmares to cuddly children’s stories.

Bill is a big fan of nicotine, vodka, music, and this rambunctious redhead (formerly a bottle blonde) who keeps waking up in his bed.

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October 6 – October 12

Brian Rella

Jessie and her army massacre the military, turning battalions of troops into soulless savages. A madman and his demon horde devour thousands of people in New York City. The war between the Watchers and the Fallen is here, and the world is on brink of destruction…

The time for training the Chosen One is over. The fight for the land of the living is on, and the world will descend into darkness under the Fallen’s rule unless Frank Bishop and the Chosen One can stop them.

In the West, Jessie and her army cross the desert, destroying everything in their path to find the Stone of Serr’rah and free Nalsuu from the Second Death. Together, they will rule the Earth as King and Queen, and reshape the world in their dark vision.

But a madman has his own plans for world domination. His demon horde takes a huge bite out of the Big Apple, and there’s no way he’s bending his knee for some wannabe king and his queen bitch.

Rise of the Fallen is Book Three in Brian Rella’s action-packed horror and dark fantasy series, The Second Death.

Brian lives in New York with his wife, who is far too good for him, and his two vivacious young boys who challenge his light-saber skills daily. Most of his writing is done on the train to the cube farm where he works so he can buy stuff and support his family while he pursues writing fiction as a career. He published his first book in 2015 and hopes to write from his beachfront property overlooking the Mare Tranquillitatis one day.

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October 13 – October 19

Ian Bristow

Driven by the death of his sergeant, Detective Inspector Hunter Davis sets out to solve a case they had closed the previous year. Soon he will discover that not all realities are explained on our terms, and sometimes the path we are so desperate to travel can lead to realms beyond our comprehension. Full of secrets from an ancient past, mystery and magic will collide in this captivating Urban Fantasy.

Ian C. Bristow is the award-winning author of the Conner’s Odyssey trilogy. He is currently preparing to release his first standalone novel, Hunting Darkness, and has started working on another title. When he isn’t writing, he enjoys creating works of art and playing music (good food and a few beers with friends doesn’t hurt his feelings either).

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 October 20 – October 26

Inklings Press

They call it an elevator pitch – but this elevator is going straight down. Down to the depths, down to the dark, where all manner of wonders, and horrors might dwell. Tales From The Underground captures 12 stories from writers exploring the world beneath our feet. There is fantasy, there is horror, there is science fiction, there is wonder. Come join the authors, down here, in the dark.

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October 27 – November 2

Jon Cronshaw

Finding hope in a hopeless world…

In a world ravaged by dust storms and poisonous rains, Abel has survived feral dogs, raiders, and drug addiction…but he’s done with just surviving — now, he wants to start living.

When Abel stumbles across a boy suffering from the same addiction that almost killed him, he takes the kid under his wing and offers him a new life…a life free from drugs.

But when a brutal drug gang comes after the kid, Abel must risk everything to keep him safe and end The Family’s reign of terror, or die trying.

Set a generation after the fall of civilization, Knight of the Wasteland is the follow-up to Jon Cronshaw’s gripping debut, Wizard of the Wasteland.

For fans of The Road, Alas, Babylon, The Stand, and One Second After, if you like emotional post-apocalyptic stories with thrilling action, vivid dystopian landscapes, and unforgettable characters, you’ll love Knight of the Wasteland.

Jon Cronshaw is a British science fiction and fantasy author based in Morecambe, England.
He is the author of two novels and three short story collections. His debut novel Wizard of the Wasteland was released in June 2017.
As a freelance features writer, he has had work published in local and national newspapers across the UK, including the Metro, Yorkshire Post and the Guardian.
He earned his PhD in the history of art from the University of Leeds in 2011, focusing on the life and work of Anglo-American sculptor, Jacob Epstein (1880-1959).
He’s a voracious reader, guide dog owner, ex-gamer, and certified geek.

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