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Robert Lee Beers has been a member of our group almost since it first started up. He is very active and always ready with a witty quip or a thought provoking story idea. Robert generously shares his ideas and his art work with members.   ~ Cap’n Ducky

Robert Lee Beers has created a masterful facsimile of a film-noir detective—with a twist you’ll never deduce. Throw in wizardry, beasties, and space-travel, and you get Tony Mandolin, a hard-boiled San Frisco dick who constantly finds himself in over his head. Altered Instincts

“…The feel of the book is Philip Marlow with a twist which would easily break the cap on a bottle of bourbon. Yes, he is a detective but not with the usual sort of clients and not the ordinary sort of crimes.
~ 5 star review on Amazon

“Beers writes like a mix of Damon Runyon and HP Lovecraft, full of eldritch creatures and dark humour, all for our put-upon hero to have to deal with. But line up another shot down at Tony’s bar, and this makes a good companion as you sip that rotgut.”
~ Stephen Hunt 4 star review on Amazon

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