SFRT Interviews Sland from Brittle Riders by Bill McCormick

By  The Sci Fi Roundtable

SFRT: Greetings, for today’s issue of Ten Questions I’ll be talking with Sland from the Brittle Riders.

Sland: No.


Sland: Ten is too many. No one knows ten things.

SFRT: Everyone knows ten things. Most know many more.

Sland: No they don’t. I only know one. That’s all I need.

SFRT: One?

Sland: All comes down to one thing. You see, killing is easy, sexing is easy, and boozing is easy. Killing is good, sexing is good, and boozing is good. All one thing. Life is easy and good.

SFRT: That’s it? That’s your whole life?

Sland: What more do you need?

SFRT: What about a purpose?

Sland: Keep life easy and good.

SFRT: What about friends?

Sland: Anyone messes with Geldish, R’Yune, N’leah, or Braarb gets killed. Easy question, so thing’s are good.

SFRT: AHA! What about sexing?

Sland: You’re sick. No sexing with friends.

SFRT: Oh, okay, sorry. So what’s your role in the Brittle Riders?

Sland: I kill anyone who works with Xhaknar and drink skank. Unless R’Yune has some Whae-Vin. Then I drink that.

SFRT: Those are both alcoholic. Do you ever drink water?

Sland: Do you know what the fish-people do in that stuff?

SFRT: Never mind. Do you know the history of your kind? How you all came to rule the world after all the makers (humans) were killed?

Sland: Makers were bad, so we killed them. Xhaknar is bad, so we’ll kill him. All the same. Killing is easy.

SFRT: Maybe, but what do you do after the killing?

Sland: Who knows? Sun rises, someone gets killed. Sun sets, someone gets killed. Never known a time without killing.

SFRT: You’re impossible. I surrender.

Sland: I hear that a lot.


The Brittle Riders by Bill McCormick.

Apocalypses are Funny That Way





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