Angelique Anderson Author of the Week Sept. 22 – 28, 2017

By Brhi Stokes


This week Brhi Stokes is interviewing Angelique Anderson about her new Steampunk fantasy novels.

What inspired you to write The Dragon Lady and The Phoenix Lord?

I have been in love with fantasy and Sci-fi anything for as long as I can remember. I started out writing fantasy and did a series aimed at young adults. It didn’t complete me though, so I decided to write a sci-fi series. That didn’t feel complete either. Then I discovered the genre that is steampunk.

A marriage of the two genres, with some sass and gadgetry thrown in. I was absolutely hooked! I started devouring everything steampunk that I could. As I learned more about it, and fell in love with the genre, I knew I couldn’t look back. So I introduced my two loves, fantasy (there’s a snarky dragon in here, who I would love to have a real life version of) and sci-fi (I love who-zits and what-zits and gadgets galore!) and waited for them to spark.

That spark turned into a flame, and Wylie Petford, my smart mouthed heroine and her dashing Lord Adrian were born.

Can you tell us a little about the heroine Wylie and her handsome Lord Adrian?

Wylie is a strong-willed, hard-working woman, who has been under the employ of Lord Adrian McCollum as his stablehand. She is saving her wages to pay for her ailing father’s medicine. However, when he passes away and she is left to care only for herself, the loneliness gets to be too much.

Lord Adrian, who is engaged to Wylie’s best friend, is nothing but a gentleman… but it’s no secret that the two have feelings for each other. Amidst finding a magical device that turns Wylie into a dragon meant to balance either good or evil in the world, she now has to navigate feelings for her employer.

It proves to be difficult, as she tries to remain loyal to her best friend. Until she finds out that her best friend’s father is about to take away her home, and the home of those she holds dear.

What’s the single biggest and best reason we need to read The Phoenix Lord?

Quincy, clockwork dragon and guide extraordinaire always has something to say. A little bit of snark and sass, and he makes Jiminy Cricket look like a pansy. There are also giant snakes, pirates, mythology, and water gods, what more could you ask for?

Can you give us two exciting lines from the book?

“I need everyone to die. I need the whole world to become so overwhelmed with hopelessness that they long for death. And when I deliver it, they will see it as a mercy. Then perhaps the Immortals will see my power and allow me back into the celestial towers once more.” –The Fallen One

It took Adrian two seconds to see the metallic glint was the business end of a derringer that Jameston now pointed at Adrian’s flaming phoenix body.

“That’s a cheap shot, don’t you think, Jameston?”

“Not hardly, Adrian.” His finger pulled the hammer back, and Adrian heard a harsh click.

Is there anything we should know before we pick up The Phoenix Lord?

The Phoenix Lord is an adventure for those who love the pull of good against evil. Fans of romance will love the lengths that Lord Adrian McCollum goes for his new bride. There’s a little bit of something for everyone… just enjoy the steam powered ride. <3


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