John Thornton

John Thornton has read science fiction since he was a small child. For over thirty years he has been making notes, writing outlines, and drawing deck plans of various colony ships. These jumbled ideas have finally coalesced into book form in his four series: The Colony Ship Eschaton, The Colony Ship Vanguard, The Colony Ship Conestoga, and The Colony Ship Trailblazer. He also wrote a stand-alone novel, the Battle on the Marathon. John Thornton worked as an RN for 10 years in various ICUs, cardiac, surgical, and medical. He saw lots of people die, and he also listened to some really amazing people share their life stories with him. For the past twenty years he has worked visiting sick, shut-ins, and others in need. He struggles with severe arthritis, but endures thanks to the help of his wife. They have four grown daughters.

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John’s series about the ship Eschaton mentioned in this story starts with the book in the image below.


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