GD Deckard

Severely beaten as a child by a WWII hero and combat-induced-PTSD stepfather, the author, as a teen, faced the old man down with a shotgun and earned his blessing to join the military at the time Americans were learning about a country called Vietnam. The “lazy, no good son-of-a-bitch” opted out of combat and hard labor by becoming an Air Force medic, stamping out suffering and misery on Freedom’s Frontier at Clark Airbase in S.E. Asia and earning some kind of medal pinned on him personally by then Secretary of the Air Force, Harold Brown, for “Saving lives, etc.”
There followed a summer in Europe ending in the first of many happy marriages. Then graduation with University Honors, kids worth dying for and a career in business. Life is good. Author, The Phoenix Diary. Current WIP: Bob vs The Aliens .
Recipient of the Psi Young award for Creative Biography.

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John Thornton

John Thornton has read science fiction since he was a small child. For over thirty years he has been making notes, writing outlines, and drawing deck plans of various colony ships. These jumbled ideas have finally coalesced into book form in his four series: The Colony Ship Eschaton, The Colony Ship Vanguard, The Colony Ship Conestoga, and The Colony Ship Trailblazer. He also wrote a stand-alone novel, the Battle on the Marathon. John Thornton worked as an RN for 10 years in various ICUs, cardiac, surgical, and medical. He saw lots of people die, and he also listened to some really amazing people share their life stories with him. For the past twenty years he has worked visiting sick, shut-ins, and others in need. He struggles with severe arthritis, but endures thanks to the help of his wife. They have four grown daughters.

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John’s series about the ship Eschaton mentioned in this story starts with the book in the image below.


Judith Rook

Judith Rook was born in rural Yorkshire in the UK. Now she lives in Western Australia.

In her early years, Judith wrote whatever she felt like writing—stories, poems, plays, reflections.  Then life intervened and her imagination went underground.  For some time, she worked in education and wrote articles and reviews about music.

When Judith began to write and submit novels, rejection notices came in. She joined two writing groups, developed her technical skills and learned how to write stories for other people.

Science Fiction is Judith’s favourite reading genre, then come the great classics.  Among her Sci-Fi authors are: Isaac Asimov, Ursula K.Le Guin, C.J. Cherryh, Arthur C. Clarke, Phillip K. Dick and Julian May.  Judith also writes short stories, generally about ordinary Australian life.

From time to time Judith rallies around important social issues and has been known to take to the streets in support, so long as there are good cafés along the way.

Angelique S. Anderson

Angelique S. Anderson is a lover of adventure, and all things steampunk. A fan of Chronicles of Narnia growing up, and an avid song and poem writer, she wrote her first novel in November of 2013. In it, her passion was born, and she went on to write the second and third to what would become a young adult fantasy series. Unable to quell the desire to write after the fantasy series, she went on to write an award winning sci-fi novel, Eden’s Serum. Always an advocate for foster children, she followed that up with her personal story of abuse and neglect in Award winning Little Lost Girl: The Complete Series. Her recent releases The Dragon Lady, The Phoenix Lord, and A Steampunk Christmas Carol play up fantasy aspects with a mix of steampunk. She enjoys reading indie authors, making new friends and cosplaying. You can follow her on Facebook at:

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Chrys Cymri

Priest by day, writer at odd times of the day and night, Chrys Cymri lives with a small green parrot called Tilly because the upkeep for a dragon is beyond her current budget. Plus she’s responsible for making good any flame damage to church property. She loves ‘Doctor Who’, landscape photography, single malt whisky, and her job, in no particular order. When she’s not looking after a small parish church in the Midlands (England) she likes to go on far flung adventures to places like Peru, New Zealand, the Arctic, and North Korea.

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S Shane Thomas

S Shane Thomas has fond childhood memories of creeping out of bed to watch anime until the sun came up. He has fond adult memories of creeping out of bed to write the Anki Legacies Adventures until the sun came up. He road trips, hikes, and hangs with his wife and sons after the sun comes up.

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J C Steel

Born in Gibraltar and raised on a yacht around the coasts of the Atlantic, I’m a writer, martial artist and introvert. In between the necessary making of money to allow the writing of more books, I can usually be found halfway to the further galaxy.

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E.M. Swift-Hook

In the words that Robert Heinlein put so evocatively into the mouth of Lazarus Long: ‘Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of, but do it in private and wash your hands afterwards.’ Having tried a number of different careers, before settling in the North-East of England with family, three dogs, cats and a small flock of rescued chickens, I now spend a lot of time in private and have very clean hands.

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Robert Holt

Robert Holt is an author of Horror. His works range from the action horror novel Death’s Disciples to the Children’s book The Vegetarian Werewolf. His newest book, There Are No Zombies in America, has been compared to Clerks, Chuck Palahnuik, and the Walking Dead, all comparisons he rejects with smug candor.

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Brian Rella

Brian lives in New York with his wife, who is far too good for him, and his two vivacious young boys who challenge his light-saber skills daily. Most of his writing is done on the train to the cube farm where he works so he can buy stuff and support his family while he pursues writing fiction as a career. He published his first book in 2015 and hopes to write from his beachfront property overlooking the Mare Tranquillitatis one day.

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