The Quantum Soul

I am very proud to announce the first Sci Fi Roundtable Anthology featuring sixteen of our own members. You’ll travel to distant worlds, meet new species, and discover that what you think you know, isn’t all there is to Life.

What is Life? Is it awareness of the ability to interact and understand the world around us? As we dig deeper into reality, what will we discover about ourselves and what it means to be alive? When we stare into the mirror, are we really sure that we see staring back is the only definition of life in the Universe?

Sixteen talented authors of The SciFi Roundtable each come up with their own unique answers to this challenging question. The Quantum Soul is a collection of short stories destined to leave you wondering if there isn’t more that humanity has to learn about the ultimate meaning of life.

Available for Pre-Order Now


  • By Design – Alan VanMeter
  • What Measure is a Homunculus? – Ricardo Victoria
  • New Year – GD Deckard
  • The Machine in the Mountain – Darran Handshaw
  • Aether Technician – Jim Webster
  • When Words are not Enough – Cindy Tomamichel
  • Soul Mates – Victor Acquista
  • The Endymion Device – Lyra Shanti
  • Patient Data – Claire Buss
  • The Trees of Trappist – Brent A. Harris
  • Pixels – Greg Krojac
  • Wondrous Strange – E.M. Swift-Hook
  • The Dream Miner’s Drill – CB Droege
  • Project Chameleon – Jeanette O’Hagan
  • Second Contact – Leo McBride
  • Shepherd of Memory – Rob Edwards

Releasing on Amazon October 19, 2017


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