Home Sweet Home

So, I thought it would be worth revisiting some of the questions I have posed on our fb page in the past, especially as we have folk here who will not have seen them - and if you answered before you may have a different take this time.

Think of the universe a book/series of yours is set in (or if you are a reader your favourite sci-fi/fantasy book).

What would be the best and the worst things about living there rather than in this world? Would you want to live there yourself?


  • Worst first. Only two years left. Best ... A possible way out. ;)
  • Worst: Being a Muggle Best: Making Magic, and dragons, and flying, and apparating, and, and, and.....
  • Worst: Being born poor on Temsevar. Best: Being born rich in Central.

    Aside the extremes (which we have on Planet Earth today as well) it would not be so much different from this world - just higher tech available. So the best would be better, and the worst - well that would be just as bad as the worst we have, maybe a bit worse as there would be even less chance of escaping it.

    If I could get to live in the higher part of the socio-economic spectrum, I'd choose to live there for sure. If at the lowest tiers - um, no...
  • The setting: The ruined city of Redemption
    WIP: The Engineer (Chronicles of Actaeon)

    Worst: Living in a world with constant danger, uncertainty, and lawlessness.
    Best: The potential for some exciting discoveries of future technology.

    Would I live there? In a way I have already lived there. Actaeon was a character that I played in a game set in that world. But if I had to choose, I'd say no, I'd not want to miss out on my own life in this world.
  • Worst: I'd be hunted down and killed by my own freaking sister before I want insane (Wtf?!?)

    Best: I'd have a whole lot of fun running! (hehehe)
  • Best: you could be alone. So few people.
    Worst: life is cheap. You may not be as alone as you think.
  • Mine is set in Present Day Frisco. Lived there, now writing about it.

  • Worst: the political climate. If you're not part of the top families within the Clans that own and operate the Arena Cities, the chances of becoming a payment for a lost wager go up. (The lower your rank in the Clan, the higher that chance is.) I know I wouldn't survive the Arenas, so am very glad I don't live there!

    Best: The beauty. This particular Realm uses minerals and inclusions from the earth to build with. Because of this, it's like walking through a jewelry box. (Still not enough to make me want to live there, though.)
  • The worse thing about living there would be people trying to kill me.
    The best would be the amazing things that happen, natural phenomenon and beautiful creatures. Which we do have in this world but it is more intense in the parallel world.
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