The Engineer arrives!

Hey everyone! Darran Handshaw here! I'm the author of The Engineer, a WIP novel that I expect to finish very soon (only 4 chapters remaining in my first manuscript).


  • Glad you made it on the new ship!!
  • Welcome Aboard. I saw you already reported to your station in the engine room. Good job Crewman!
  • Welcome aboard. *aside to the First Officer, "Did he get assigned a red shirt? If he did, I hope he stays away from the ventilation system down in engineering.*
  • Captain Ducky, if he got a red shirt, we'll just redecorate it with lots of yellow glitter to fool the algorithms. Don't let him get near the glitter tribbles, and he should be safe.

    Welcome to the fun. I'll do my best not to let the pukah have too much fun and make your job more difficult.
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