Mum, freelancer, almost-author, and part-time viking

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Evening all. I'm Anna. I'm 35, married and a SAHM of 3 boys (under 8). I have recently completed a history degree and hope to put it to use in my new start-up as a freelance editor and proofreader. I'm a historical reenactor and in case people haven't already guessed I'm a bit Viking-obsessed. I live in a quiet market town in Northamptonshire in the UK but would love to travel once the kids are older ( or at least old enough that I can leave them behind if I want to go digging around in dusty old ruins). I love music (playing and listening), books, painting, textile crafts, photography (high-contrast, black and white arty photos) and chocolate.

As far as reading and my own writing goes, I got really into sci-fi thanks to my mum (who has a massive sci-fi collection) when I got into her old 1970s Analog magazines when I was about 13, and devoured the lot. I've kept a blog since 2009 but it has had to take a back seat in the last couple of years as children multiplied and OU studies became more demanding. I no longer had time to write, now el kiddos are a bit older (and at school), I have time to re-start it and hopefully breath some fresh life into it. My personal blog was more my take on current affairs etc but it has some of my very early (and depressing poems) on it. I opened the AnnaProofing blog to keep my whinge fest separate from my writing about writing. I hope to use this forum to improve my skills as both a writer and an editor.


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