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Hi! I'm CB Droege (rhymes with Pierogi). I'm a writer (formerly a journalist, now a novelist), a voice actor (mostly audiobooks; occasionally aka Fox Ballard), a game designer (amature), and a professor (currently on sabatical).

I'm originally from Cincinnati, where I've lived most of my life, but I'm currently on sabbatical in Munich, enjoying what Europe has to offer for a few years while I take a break from teaching to do some more writing. We'll see if my wife lets me go back to teaching. She's really enjoying that our vacations are not restricted by the schedule of a college, and I don't know if she'd tolerate me going back to only having summers off plus two weeks at the end of the year.

I play a lot of games (board and video) and I'm very interested in Language and Linguistics. My bookshelf is currently half writing reference books and half linguistics and language history books (I don't keep physical fiction books around anymore).

When I was a journalist I wrote in what I called the geek-beat. I was covering all the news that had to do with geek-interests, sci-fi books and movies, comics, video games, boardgames, whatever I was interested in. It was a nice gig for a while, but no one pays for that kind of coverage anymore. The internet has become a place hostile to money-making, and there are plenty of younger writers willing to write for peanuts and exposure, so my job was cut, and there was no new home for me. Maybe someday I can get back to it, but for now, I'm content to write fiction and do podcasts for my Patreon patrons while using my voice acting to pay the bills.

You can learn more about me here, and more about my various projects under the Manawaker umbrella here.

Also Here's my twitter and my facebook, if you're into that stuff.


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