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My name is Brian. By day I am an environmental scientist, who specializes in GIS maps, data analysis and putting dirt in a jar. By night, I am the founder of Echoic Mobile Press, an interactive e-book publishing company/ software developer. Personally, I have two stories I'm working on. One is my YA fantasy novel, something I have been working on since pretty much I had been a young adult. The other is a serial novel built for the Echoic Mobile Press software where different chapters are accessed through an interactive map interface. Since having basically 3 full-time jobs isn't enough, I also plan to start a choose-your-own-path story so I can show off those features of the app as well.

Stories on the application are made using a "markup and module system". Basically fake HTML which references things on a preformatted Excel table, which the app reads to create interactions. We are still somewhat of a work in progress but have our alpha on Google Play if anyone is interested in trying it out. Shooting to release beta near the end of Feb for both Google and iOS. Also, if any brave explorers are interested in writing for this, we are looking for people interested. (Warning!! possible brain melting)

Aside from Sci-fi and fantasy. I also enjoy anime, historical fiction and the music of Brand New. I also play League of Legends and the occasional other PC game.

Anyway, looks good. I know very well how hard it can be to set these up (painstaking, stubbornly, and idiotically built large parts of my site from scratch).


  • Welcome aboard.

    You are also on our FB page?
  • Yes I can vouch for him, although I don't remember his FB designation.
  • Sorry, I use my full name on FB Brian Michael Tate
  • Not a problem Brian. It is just a little confusing getting everyone over here where they are allowed to use screen names that are completely unfamiliar to us. ;)
  • Cool. It gets confusing with 500 plus members over there trying to guess names over here.

    Environmental sciences? Maybe you should handle life support here. Any ideas on how to get targ farts out of the ventilation system?

    And I am interested in your project (sounds fascinating), even if my personal writing might not fit a mapped structure well.
  • Brian - have you heard of Twine?
  • No. Thanks for sharing the link. I'll have to check this out some more. Have you read a lot of stories for this or written for this? I have also seen a few other choose-your-own adventure apps like delight games. I'm shooting for my end goal to be something pretty ambitious and option rich and to incorporate graphics/ interactive maps. I also have some cool ideas for some social features like "choose their adventure" stories.
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