Introduction somewhat Late

I've been a member of the SciFi Roundtable for quite some time and I signed up for an account here. I happened to check in today and discovered that my email verification never was completed. I plead the gradual moving into a new desktop as the culprit for this. So I thought I'd take care of my intro today.

I am Wendy Van Camp, an author and poet. I write science fiction, fantasy, a little Regency Historical, and the occasional memoir. Currently, I have two books out. "The Curate's Brother", a Regency Historical based off of Jane Austen's novel "Persuasion" and "The Planets: a scifaiku poetry collection" which takes you on a poetic journey of our local solar system. I have won Honorable Mention at Writers of the Future and am a graduate of the James Gunn Speculative Writing Workshop.

I am a writer on Medium. The magazines I contribute to there are "Writing Cooperative", "The Junction", and "Lit Up". I publish a mix of non-fiction essays about the craft of writing, memoirs, science stories, and poetry. I am a long-time contributing columnist at Luna Station Quarterly, a magazine/blog for the support of women or LGBTQ writers of speculative fiction and a member of Broad Universe who also support women and women representing authors in speculative fiction. I was a regular contributing poet to the online magazine "Far Horizons", but sadly this publication has gone on (what I fear) is a permanent hiatus.

My home on the internet is a writing blog I call "No Wasted Ink".

I make my home in Southern California, near Los Angeles. My hobbies are: going to science fiction literary conventions, urban sketching, bad watercolor painting, and keeping my wayward kitten outta trouble. I am happily married and a cancer survivor.
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