How To Use Our Gallery Feature

We have an excellent photo gallery feature here in the new ship. It allows you to make your own album and upload any image you want to link in a post. I'll walk you through the process, but do keep in mind that any Crew Member can see your album and link to your images. Please be responsible with this feature so we an all have an easy way to share images.

1. The first thing you have to do is find the Gallery. Look at the top of the forum under the banner. There are several links there. Click on Gallery.

2. Now you want to make a new album. NOTE: Album names cannot have spaces in them. Also, please only one album per Knight and give it your User Name for the forum. As I've done in my example.

3. Once you have your album named, click enter.
4. You'll see a new dialog box where you can upload your image.

5. When you get the green SUCCESS! message, click on Go Back To Main Gallery.

6. Now you have a shiny new gallery of your own.
7. If you want to add your image to a post, right click on the thumbnail of the image.
8. A box will pop up with a list of actions. You want to click Copy Image Location.

9. Now head to where you want to make a post.
10. In the post tool bar click on the icon that looks like a dog eared page.

11. A dialog box will pop up and you want to paste where it says Image URL. TIP: If you hold CTRL+V it will paste the URL and ENTER in one step.

12. This will generate the code for your image.

13. Always preview your post. If the your image does not show up, you may have copied or pasted the URL incorrectly.

Now you're done. Feel free to message me if you don't understand any part of this tutorial.
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