Tony Lindblom

edited January 2019 in Introductions
Hello and thank you for having me.
I joined the SFRT group on Facebook a while back and found the people in the group to be very helpful and I wanted to see what more there was too it.
Originally from Sweden, but I currently live and work in The Netherlands.
Software developer and graphical designer by trade, but I also enjoy making electronic music and writing storylines, characters and worlds for all types of games.
I have had so much story laying around for several unfinished games for such a long time and I relatively recently realized that I wanted to do something with the story. Therefore, I started patching the pieces together and writing it down as a novel. The story kept growing and I realized it would probably become a series. I have released the first book in the series and I am currently working on book two and three.
I have enjoyed the wring more than I even imagined and I am sure I will keep wring after the series are done also.

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