Tim Connelly

Hello ...

I am Tim Connelly. I am a "50-something" man with Cerebral Palsy from the New England region of the US. Since 1994, I have written four monographs on PT boats and related craft, which were published by Squadron/Signal Publications. I have written three real books on PT boats and related craft for Nimble Books and under my own self-published banner. As an Indie author, I've written an autobiography (of sorts), a book of poetry and a historical-based novel. I am currently working on a spy/TOP GUN styled novel.

As an aside, my book of poems took third-place in the FIRST ANNUAL INDIE AWARDS for the FAVORITE POETRY/MEMOIR genre. It did so after being nominated (without my knowing) nominated by my friend, Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel.

One day, I would like to write a SCI-FI novel. One which combines aspects of STAR TREK and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (the original and not the 2004-08 reboot)


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