A Wrathful book of Perilous Origins...

Stories of the Terraverse Books 1 and 2 of the Noct & Tath Trilogy are available for sale on Amazon!

A Perilous Beginning: Secrets of the Eldarii

Wrath of the Assassin

For those of you interested in taking a look, I'd be grateful for it.

Links (And a brief description of the book) below:

A Perilous Beginning:


Short Description: A Human, an Immortal, and an Eldarii stumble into one another's company as the world seems to fall apart around them. The Eldarii has a secret, and is an escaped captive of the Empire! The Musharii Empire has sent their top Tactician Duke Armstadt with retrieving the Eldarii who escaped. The chaos that unfolds will be something you don't want to miss!

Wrath of the Assassin:


Short Description: Fugitives! But instead of running, our three heroes have decided to take the fight to the Emperor! Revenge is the path, and it is sought from both sides! The Emperor has sent his top Assassin with taking out these pests and bringing back his prize! The next segment in the story continues with full force!

Full Book Descriptions: (Back Cover Blurbs) can be found through their respective links. I didn't want to clog the post up with them...

Again, I'm GRATEFUL for anyone who takes a look. I appreciate the support!
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