romantic science fiction?

For this year's NaNoWriMo, I wrote a scifi novel that has a very strong relationship story within it, somewhat reminiscent of the story/movie, Somewhere in Time. But in my story, my main character goes on a one-way trip 75 years into the future. (He becomes involved with the granddaughter of the girl that got away.) I still regard it as a near-future sci-fi in that the changes are much more socio-political-economic than amazingly futuristic. There are androids, and a powerful supercomputer, and embedded webware in the brain, but those elements are fairly common in most sci-fi these days. I've had feedback from 2 beta readers, neither of whom would be into romance per se. Both felt that the "lovey-dovey" stuff distracted from the science fiction. But in discussing the story with my daughter and her husband, (they haven't read it) they pointed out that romance in science fiction is a thing unto itself and maybe I should trust my own creative instincts rather than pull things out that I really like about the novel. So I'm asking you guys: is romance in sci-fi acceptable? Marketable? How do I find agents willing to examine that two-stool genre?


  • I like romance and, though I write fantasy and science fiction, there is usually a romance tucked in there somewhere. For me, genre notwithstanding, books are about relationships with people and romance is one of them.

    So, yeah, I don't mind it and no one's complained yet.
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