Editing Services

Did someone say editing?

I am the lead fiction editor for an Australian publishing house. I primarily work in the developmental and content editing space. I am responsible for doing Manuscript Appraisals on all fiction novels, and letting the authors know how close they are to a professional standard manuscript. The only genre I do not edit within fiction is erotica.

Due to my employment I am offering the following:

1) 1000 words edited under a collaborative (shared space) basis for free at my convenience.

2) I am available to do very small, read and assess projects. I will read your manuscript and give you a small 3-4 page report about the content and discuss the manuscript with you. The price of this is $250 AUD - $350 AUD, depending upon the size of the manuscript.

If you wish to engage me for any other services, such as a full manuscript appraisal, Developmental or Content editing service, I will direct you to the publishing house with which I work.
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