Hello From Seattle

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Hi everyone. My name is Robert and sure...I have a few sci-fi books out there although the last one was a few years back because I've been busy either investigating the famous DB Cooper case, or editing other folks' books. In March/April, myself and a guy named Chris Brown start shooting a documentary about the homeless in Seattle. As far as the Cooper case, I did a book on a suspect named Kenny Christiansen which was optioned for the first-ever dramatic motion picture on the hijacking. They just signed me to a second year's option and I'm told production shooting begins this year. This is good, because frankly....I am absolutely sick of dealing with the subject of DB Cooper. No kidding. It sometimes comes with a lot of flak from other armchair Cooper investigators. I won't go into all that.

The only online game I do is World of Tanks. I go by XoXSciFiGuy there. (No surprise, huh?) :)

As far as reading sci-fi, I'm kind of old-school. I grew up with writers like Verne, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, etc. I think the Foundation series by Asimov was pure genius.

The picture I use for my avatar was taken on the north side of Mount Rainier National Park, above the Carbon River valley, a couple of hundred yards from the park border. It is one heck of a camping spot and hard to get to without a 4WD. But the view is worth it.
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