Where To Get Honest, Non-Reciprocal, Reviews for your book.

There is an excellent Review Group on Goodreads, which I can not recommend highly enough to anyone who wants to receive more reviews for their book. You will need to commit to reading and reviewing four other books and in return you will receive four reviews for your book. This is not against any guidelines on reciprocity as there is no incentive to leave a good review if one is not deserved, you will receive your reviews no matter what you may say about other books.

You will need to have an author page set up on Goodreads, but that is not difficult to do and is useful to have for an indie author. You need to be able to give free copies of your book to those reviewing them, although a fair few will use KU or even buy your book. You are required to post the reviews on Goodreads and Amazon US and UK, although it can also be put on your blog or anywhere else as well, since it is your review.

New rounds are usually being set up every two or three weeks, so if there are none available when you look, be sure to keep checking back.

Goodreads Review Group


  • I can endorse E's recommendation of the Goodreads Review Group. For those who don't have the time to commit to a full round of four reviews, but would like to pick up a review, there is the increasingly popular 'one for one' round. Simply read and review any book on the list, and then you may nominate one of your books to replace it.

    One for One Reviews
  • Good point, Warren - thanks for adding that!

    We should probably both come clean and admit to being junior admin there, declaration of vested interest and all, but it really is a great place to get reviews and find some very good people too!
  • Thank you :) I'll look into that
  • Excellent, thanks E & Warren!
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