Hello everyone,
  1. I finished and sent out the Newsletter last night. We have a few technical issues, but otherwise it seems to have been successful. However only about 10 people from this group subscribed to it. If you want to see how the Newsletter turned out, please go to the blog and subscribe.
  2. Yes, we know there is an issue with viewing the blog on a phone. You can go to your browser settings on your phone and set it to Desktop View. We don't know why it's not working correctly, but we are working on it.
  3. Please be sure to add to your accepted email list. A LOT of our emails are going to spam folders.
  4. You are now welcome to link the Other Voices blog to your own, share on Twitter, FB and anywhere else. I still have to make images for sharing, but you can start now. You can also feel free to take any blog post that you like and share it individually.

So what are you waiting for? Go! Subscribe!


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