You want yourself some scifi?


Dangel here. A good friend of mine saw this site and said 'this looks like your ration of freshly sterilised water' and so I thought I'd give it a try!

I'm a writer, soon to be published if all goes well. Here's my little beauty.

This is my first, but by no means my last, stab at scifi and one that has taken over seven years to write due to all the research.

It's set in a dystoptian London centuries after a nuclear war that's blotted out the sun and reduced to the human race to thousands.

I never even thought it'd get published, but the lovely people at Britain's Next Bestseller took it, edited it, and sent it to a typesetter to get it where it is today, and now all I need is to raise £1000 to get it off the ground. Thanks to Kickstarter, this is looking more and more like reality.

Check it out to hear the narrated first chapter

But I've not always wrote scifi. In fact, for the fifteen years that I have been writing, 90% of my work's been fantasy, with one epic adventure that'd once been well over 1000 pages (I'd cut it down because I'm no JRR Tolkien) and several origins stories like the Rat Runner Series and Blue Bloods (it's about dryads).

Throw in one crime called Pornography Of Despair and that's pretty much me!

I also love to draw and paint. I even made the front cover to Toxic City. If you guys are interested, I'll post some, but if you want to help my book get published AND grab a copy for yourself, then check out my kickstarter. Even a pledge as low as £1 will get you the digital copy!

Thank's guys, and I hope to get to know a lot of you soon enough.

Find me as well at twitter @DangelAngello

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