I am medicated and back

Yes, it has been a while. As those who are aware, I was born with a form of high-performing autism called Aspergers. This year I found out that social media such as Facebook and Twitter and I are incompatible. Sorry folks that is a confirmed diagnosis. I even went so far as to scrub any trace of those programs from every device I own. That, time and some self-medicating and I feel almost social. The good side of being an Apsy (if there is one) is writer's block and I are total strangers. The stories and their voices (it's like a tv show going on in the background all the time) never stop. Only a frustration breakdown stops it, and those never last past a day. If something inspiring happens, such as the release of my first full cast audiobook, then it's like a week long caffeine rush. I'm at 72,000 words in Tony Mandolin book 8 and still going. I do hope this isn't going too far.


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