How to Display an Image

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This forum supports HTML. You can find the link to a page that reminds on the tags just under every place that you can make a comment or new discussion.

However, for those of you who are coding phobic, here is a simple explanation.
1. Upload your image at any free photo sharing site like Photobucket.
2. Once it is uploaded click on the image to get the URL out of your browser's address bar.
3. Highlight the URL as shown in the image below and copy it.

4. Now go to where you want to comment in the forum. The formatting tool bar has an icon that looks like a dog eared page. (BOO)

5. Click the icon and a dialog box will appear.

6. Paste the URL you copied into the bottom portion of the dialog box and hit ENTER.

7. It will generate code that looks like the image below.

8. Be sure to preview your post. If the image doesn't show up in the post, check to make sure you copied the URL correctly. Once you've previewed and it looks good, hit Post Discussion and that is it.


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