Hello Everyone - Please Read First

Welcome. Please sign in on the thread that fits where you're willing/able to help, so I know who is here. So far enough of you have volunteered to help that no one should be over burdened. I will make new threads for each of the 5 areas discussed on the group poll thread. Please speak up in any of them where you are willing to help and then I'll start working on a schedule.


  • The blog is almost ready to launch. I am waiting for only 2 articles. I'm going to launch it for the group on FB on Saturday. The Newsletter will go out 6 days after that. Be sure to subscribe to the list. Once the blog is launched, any of you who want to cross post/promote, can start doing that.

    @Assaph please PM me either here or the FB group to discuss promo images for sharing on FB, Twitter, and personal blogs.
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