My, this is a sexy little black number...

I really like what you've done with the decor.

So, for those who have missed my inane ramblings on the FB page:

John Hoggard, aka DaddyHoggy (which started like as the name given to me by my then toddler daughter, 14yrs ago), Scots by birth and rugby, but raised in the NE of England by Geordie parents, but have lived in the South of England for more than half my life.

I've been writing for as long as I can remember - my first published story was c. 1976, aged 5 in the Hartlepool Mail's 'Chipper Club' - I liked it, especially when I discovered I got a £1 Postal order if I had three stories published, so I kept writing and made a few quid along the way.

I've written in-game content for the computer game Oolite, as well as a couple of Short/Novella's (published in Alien Items, by Elite Dangerous Author Drew Wagar).

I've started and abandoned multiple novels, although I have just finished my 3rd edit of a novel based around a fictional online game and its Conventions.

I'm a specialist in Flash Fiction - I've had 40+ pieces published on the Paragraph Planet site.

I've had about half a dozen short stories published in various anthologies (mainly, but not exclusively published by a small Indie Press, Fantastic Books Publishing).

I mainly write SF and Fantasy, although my most recent published story was a horror story, so I guess I write horror too?

I have degrees in Physics and Computer Studies and a Masters in Defence Simulation and Modelling. I've worked as a Particle Physicist at a leading UK Research Lab, and a Rocket Scientist for the MOD (yes really) and have along side the military for 20+ years.

With a degree physics I like my SF on the hard-side.

Early influences include Roddenberry, Asimov, Clark, EE Doc Smith, Heinlein, Frank Herbert, John Wyndam - later, Greg Bear, Alistair Reynolds, William Gibson, Neil Gaiman (to name but a few)

If it comes recommended, I'll read it - and given I'm the only SF writer in a writer's group (WordWatchers) that covers everything from YA, through Historical Romance, to Contemporary, I read a lot of other stuff...

Currently a University Lecturer, a job I love, and would probably keep doing even if I was lucky enough to 'make it' as an author.


  • Glad you finally found your way in - be sure to eat the secret instructions that brought you here ;)
  • Hey there John. Other than the rugby you and I have a LOT in common I guess. (Although I decided not to try rugby even though the poster at the college I went to almost got me to try ... it said "Give Blood ... Play Rugby" and not much more. Was very tempting. ;-) )

    Welcome to the ship and crew.
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