Author Interview: P. T. Logos

P. T. Logos

Welcome back everyone for our next author interview. Today, P. T. Logos has made the quick trip up from Florida to visit with us. George, I’m going to turn the floor over to you so you can introduce yourself.

Alrighty…I’m married with one son (6 y/o). I’m a psychiatric Social Worker by day. I love anything and everything having to do with tech and futurism….I guess that gives you some info

It sure does, and invites the next question.

Do you ever use writing as a way to vent off a bad day (or your own method of therapy?)

hmmm….well, I think when I write poetry, that’s definitely true. that’s something I enjoy writing also. Writing SciFi feels much more like a creative process. I was / am a musician and it feels similar when it’s coming out.
Do you have any favorite activities you do before/during your writing sessions?

lol….I’m so busy these days! I wish I had time to squeeze something in before / during. I try to squeeze my writing into my routine anywhere I can. I do find that I need to pull away mentally from the writing in intervals. Otherwise I start getting obsessive and nit picky about things that probably don’t mean much in the end
I can sympathize with that. Do you work with an editor when you’re finished with the draft, or do you do most of the editing yourself?

I do most of the editing myself. I do have an ARC team consisting of about 8 to 10 pretty reliable people. I also have one friend in Ohio who has an INCREDIBLE eye. I’ve been sending her my work and she always sees things others don’t. It’s so valuable to have someone like that!
Definitely. What about your cover art? Do you work on that yourself, or collaborate with someone else?

that I collaborate. I’ve found a couple of people on Fiverr who do a pretty good job. I generally search for cover art I like–something that relates in some way to the story. Then I hand it over to the designer and I may specify some additional details. I’m not the most visually artistic person.I know what I like to see, I’m just not very good at translating that with my hands onto paper, etc.

::Chuckles:: I can sympathize with that. Getting the pictures from your mind to the page is a challenge, whether the painting’s done with words or colors.

Do you have any authors you find educational or inspirational (other than writer craft books, that is)?

You mean like influences?

::Nods:: Yes, sir.

I love Charles Stross–especially Accelerando. I also read all of Frank herbert’s Dune series. I enjoy Iain M Banks for space opera, and Peter Hamilton is an animal…lol
There’s also influence from movies….I remember watching the Time Machine when I was a kid…the OLD one. Watched it like a hundred times. The matrix too

::Chuckles:: The Matrix is a treasure trove of ideas, most definitely.

Are there any inspirations outside of the entertainment media? (Like from a work setting, or something from your own past.)

oh yes….I’ve worked with many struggling from addiction and in my younger years I had my own demons to battle. One of the topics I touch on in my work is addiction to Virtual Reality worlds. I like the idea of falling so in love with the virtual, that the character never wants to return to reality. How do you treat these people? And how does the society deal with it? That’s one of the topics about which I enjoy writing. I also have characters who undergo treatments in VR–some against their will. It brings up interesting conflicts and questions–especially ethical ones

I’ll bet! Sounds really interesting, to be honest.

Do you have a snippet you can share, or a teaser?

Well, one of my fav characters is named Razier–he appears in my second collection of short stories entitled “Warnings from the Future, Series 2.” He prob meets the criteria of a full blown psychopath. He lives as a dealer smuggling and selling a new type of drug which actually gives the user the choice of feeling any emotion they want. He himself is addicted as well. He lives in a gritty and violent city–cyberpunk to the max. He believes he has it made in his little corner of hell. That is until someone shows up and begins to show him that perhaps everything he thinks is real is not….
the drug is extracted from bodies through harvesting of organs….there’s no gore in the story. But disturbing images are alluded to. His trying to give up the life….but you know how that usually goes
The story is told in first person, from his perspective, which I really like. taking on that role

Sadly, I do. Though, this definitely sounds intriguing!

Since this is a collection of short stories, do you focus on those only, or do you have something longer in the works?

i do. Two of the stories appearing the aforementioned collection (Razier being one of them) are both ideas I want to expand on. One of the stories is called “2121” and the other is of course “Razier.” 2121 is more of a space opera but it has cyberpunk elements. The city of Cirlos appears in both. There’s another story in my first collection (“Warnings from the Future, Series 1”) which also takes place in Cirlos. that one involves a young woman who’s job it is to rescue people who are trapped in corrupt VR programs. They’ve been under so long, that they’ve forgotten they’re in at all. She’s a programmer who enters and pulls them out. I like her character as well and I believe she’ll be making an appearance in 2121. So, to answer you question, I believe the short stories are elements which I can put together to create a larger universe. Themes repeat and locations link some of the stories together.

Nice. I’ve seen some of my favorite authors do that, and it’s always interesting to see how the story expands.

I’ve gotten positive feedback from readers on both 2121 and Razier (especially Razier) so I decided to focus on those two. That’s a good perk to putting a few short stories out there and getting feedback. It gives me an idea of what stories are most connecting with the reader
When your stories are nice enough to cooperate that way. ::grins:: I’m a touch jealous, actually.

don’t be too jealous….lol. I’m still taking baby steps (that’s how it feels anyway)

The jealousy is because I don’t get the short version of my stories first. I get the all or nothing treatment.

However, I don’t want to keep you here too long. I know you’ve got obligations you need to fulfill, so I’ll skip ahead to asking where folks can connect with you on social media if they want to follow your journey further.

FB page
on my FB page, I actually have all of “2121” posted, one piece a day. For anyone interested you can read it there.

I’m definitely going to have to go check that out.

One last question, since you’ve got a couple of books out already, where do you have them listed?

so, for right now I’m on Amazon and goodreads. I signed up for KDP select which is of course a double-edged sword. I AM planning on releasing “Razier” as a stand-alone short story on Amazon and EVERYWHERE else…lol. I also have a paperback available on Amazon which combines both Series 1 and Series 2. I’m hoping to have Razier just list for free everywhere. Then, I will include my mailing list sign up link within.
If you check out any of my work–anyone reading this…sign up for my mailing list. I promise not to spam or give your email to anyone else
George, thank you so much for stopping by today. It has been a pleasure to get to visit with a fellow Knight of the SciFi Round Table.
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