Character Interview: Delta

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Welcome back Julian. I see you brought a friend. Can I get you to introduce him, please?

*My name is Delta* (He’s speaking directly into your mind)
“Er yeah this is Mister Delta.”
Welcome Delta. It’s nice to have you here with us today.
I’m going to go ahead and ask a couple of nosy questions real quick.

Would you consider yourself human, or another race or species?

*I’m only here because this peasant knows my control sequence. He’s told me to answer all your questions. As for human or not…I’m afraid the answer to that is complex. Simple answer is yes. More complex answer is my classification would be Homo Engenesis
Control sequence? Surely you’re not enslaved.

*Slavery? Since coming to this world I’ve experienced this attitude. Some would consider me a slave. I do not. With power comes a need for control. My betters chose to limit me so I have purpose.”
That makes sense.

Since you still have outside control, did your parents ever help you to learn control when you were a child?

*No, the Whitecoats did.”
*I received special training and challenges because of the creche, I am the strongest Telepath. Of course I’m nothing compared to the Kings.*
Kings? Is that a special rank, or a family name?

*Soon you will know of the Monarchy when they arrive to make their will upon this world. I am merely an instrument of their will.”
Of their Glorius Will.”
Interesting, though I’d debate you about that one. I’m a bit too independent.

You said you were raised in a creche. Were there others there with you?

*Of course, how could there be a creche of one?*
“Be nice.”
*It was a stupid question.*
“Be NICE.”
*Fine. My half brothers and sisters made up the rest of the creche. Alpha, Beta, Charlie…I’m sure you can work out the rest of their names.*
::chuckles:: Yeah. Did you have names you used between yourselves, or was that ever allowed?

“Only with one of my half-sisters. Juliet. She called me Dee.*
*But only in the mindscape before we’d go to sleep*
It sounds like you and Juliet were friends. Were you able to develop friendships with any of your other half-siblings?

*You lack the capacity to understand the creche bond. It is pointless for me to explain it to you.*
I’ll agree that I have not had that experience. That is part of why I asked about it. To learn more.

Would you say the experience prepared you for what you do now?

Even through the mask he wears you can feel the sneer.*The creche created a cognitive gestalt. What one felt, all felt, what one thought, all thought. The combined being greater than the sum of it’s parts. You have no experience that comes close to understanding the bond of the creche. But they died. Killed by rebels. The loss of the creche is the greatest tragedy and well-spring of pain in my life. So yes, it prepared me. To do what is necessary. The be the hidden hand of the First of Five and be the instrument of his will in whatever capacity I can serve.*
What about personal wants? I hear how you’re eager to please others, but nothing about doing something for yourself.

*Individual wants and desires are intrinsically at odds with the greater good. A true Citizen considers oneself secondary to their community.*
Delta, I think you just proved your point. We are very far apart in the way we approach the world.
One last question, then I’ll let you go with Julian.

If you were to go to sleep and have your most secret wish granted tomorrow, what would you wake up to?

*The glorious reign of-*
*The monarchy to-*
*Secrets are bad-*
*I don’t wa-*
“Answer the question Delta, then the pain will stop.”
*To find out if what Alpha predicted all those years ago is true.*
I did not mean to cause you pain Delta. Forgive me.

Julian, thank you for taking the time to return, and for bringing Delta with you today. I have enjoyed the visit today, even if I did not understand some of the answers.

Julian, before yo go, however. Where may someone find Delta’s story?

He’s one of the Characters in Suffrage. I’ll be cosplaying as him at the forthcoming Supanova convention on the Gold 21-23 April, where I will be selling copies of the book.

If you enjoyed the interview, and wish to read Delta’s story, you can pick up a copy of Suffrage on Amazon by clicking on the cover below.


If you would like more information on the convention, click Here to head over to their site.
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