Gay Fantasy Fiction by Nora Jones

Familiarus Light and Dark is the first book in a three part series.

Genre: Fantasy, murder, supernatural suspense and M/M romance not erotica.

The blurb:
Spiritual familiars have existed since the beginning of time. Familiarus are those who have died and have performed a pure act or acts of selflessness to be reborn into a spiritual being, who serve and protect their charges until they are no longer needed. Despite Cameron's shady past, his good deed enables him to be reborn into a Familiarus and go on a journey of self-discovery of his sexuality and his own supernatural abilities. However, someone is targeting the familiar's charges through a series of ritualistic killings. It's only a matter of time before the killer strikes again. Can Cameron protect his charge from the same fate?

Available Free via Kindle Unlimited or you can purchase your digital copy for only £3.75!
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