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Hello all, I'm hazeleyes here but you know me as Nora on the Facebook page. A brief intro about me - I work full time as a teacher. I am also studying for my masters degree in education (not bad for a girl who left school with nothing) it's been a tough ten years. When I'm not working or studying, I love writing to escape reality. The genre I have written would come under as fantasy, murder, supernatural suspense and a sub plot of M/M romance.
Away from all that, I enjoy baking, a film buff and reading the same sort of genres but I am quite partial to true crime, but literally anything with fantasy and science fiction in it. I love animals and I'll admit it now, I prefer animals to people. I believe in equality and that love is love no matter what. This has nothing to do with being gay, I'm just not an arsehole. I'm satirical for the most parts, but I'm harmless. I promise. Look forward to future discussions with you all


  • Welcome Nora
  • Welcome! What do you teach? Ex. English teacher here, similar writing & beliefs :)
  • Thanks Kathryn. I'm teaching at the moment functional skills English and GCSE English. In the past, I've taught GCSE Sociology, Sociology Access level and study skills to trainee teachers. I've taught in both mainstream and non-mainstream environments. How about yourself? Did you always teach English?
  • Thanks Captain Ducky :-)
  • Yes, English and Literature through to uni entrance exams and IB. Got shoehorned into religious ed classes for a bit - they must have been running short on Catholics when they sent me to that particular school :P But I haven't taught since 2007 - there was a surplus of English teachers here so had to reskill - can't believe it's nearly 10 years since then!

    (also I should also check the forum more often... sorry!!)
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