Spaceman Third Class Brown Here

I'm such a newbie to all of this. I am here to learn, and I have a tough skin. I had a story in my head a few years back that needed letting out short of drilling a hole in my head, so I wrote it down. It started as a bedtime story I wrote for my daughters many years ago. They wanted me to finish it, but I realized I needed the backstory. That was my first novel. I self-published on Amazon, sold a few copies then pulled it for a rewrite. Since then I've been a bit shell-shocked and have just been writing and reading. Well I now have three WIPs. the first one I am still rewriting. The second is in the final stages, just looking for a few reviews before I release it. The third is in first draft stage. I have four more in conception stage, but I have those on hold. Fortunately I have bled enough of them from my skull to prevent them dominating my focus...for now.


  • Welcome to the group. You'll find that a lot of us here either are, or once were, where you are. And it's nice to know you manage to get the pressure out of your skull before it damaged something. ;-)
  • Welcome Spaceman Brown.
  • Welcome. And, I'll agree with Eric - it's nice to know you've found a way to vent the pressure without exploding. I'll also agree that I think quite a few of us have undergone that same sensation. ::winces at a particularly apt kick rattles a stall door:: Some more recently than others.
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