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One of the biggest issues with marketing is gaining visibility. Brian Rathbone, a YA fantasy writer who went from unknown to known over the run of 9 books, told me back when I was first hitting the twitter scene that you need to have something going out around the clock. Especially if you're selling to an international audience. After watching my twitter feed in tweetdeck (a twitter approved 3rd-party app) and seeing where many of the tweets were coming from, I chose to go with Hootsuite.

It's not perfect, and I will admit I've had a few technical glitches come up. However, the customer service has been fantastic, once I figured out how to get in contact with them (go through their FB page, or tweet directly to them.) I have a blog series that walks you through setting up, and using the program here. (Hope that link works - my HTML is very rusty.)

I'm also playing around with a couple of other apps. One is IFTT - it's powerful, but dumb. Used judiciously, I think it can be a good tool to have. Just be VERY careful what you set it to do, this one makes it too easy to tip over into the spammy category.

The other one I've been experimenting with still doesn't have a verdict. It's another Twitter app, and appears to be semi-useful. Again, be careful when you're using it, because it can quickly bog down your time, instead of freeing it up. This one's called "Robotwitty" and is useful to develop a following. The reason the verdict is still out is because I haven't been able to be online enough to check if the following you build is really connected, or just empty follow-backs.

The last bit I strongly recommend for visibility is useful for books, blogs, art, music, or any other area you're trying to get traction in: Get to know your fellow bloggers. Work on building enough of a relationship with those blogs so you might be accepted as a guest post, or interview. If you have a blog or website - host guest posts and interviews. This is part of what a blog tour is for - a group of bloggers willing to host an article/interview/review for you that probably have a larger following. This lets you tap into their following, while letting them tap into yours. When you do get accepted for a guest post/interview/review - share like mad across your social media. Again, this is because your host is letting you tap into their followers, so it's only fair to try to help them tap into yours.


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