Pukah Prime reporting in

Hello one and all, this is the head of Pukah Works at your service.

Though most pukah are like my fellows here, a few wind up awakening on the uglier side of life, and seem to enjoy trapping me into writing their tales. I can't say that I mind - writing IS my therapy (and vice), so it can be quite fun to accommodate them.

On the other side of the screen, I am a graduate student (Graduation scheduled May 5!), work in the mental health field (more or less), and am the sometimes grumpy mom to 2 feline furballs that swear they have pukah blood in their veins.

As I write this, I am in the process of cleaning up 4 anthology collections of my short stories, flash fiction, drabbles, and poetry along with writing 2 companion novellas to my debut series "Followers of Torments" that showcase the support cast. Hopefully all of that will release into the wild this year, along with the fourth book in the main series. (We'll see how life agrees with those plans.)

As my schedule permits, I will be opening up some chances for our fellow knights to receive some free promotions, and a few other big plans on my website/blog that also include additional free promotion. For now, I'm having to keep most of those party supplies under lock and key - the pukah like to make a glitter disaster out of them if I'm not here to supervise.

Now, if you can kindly excuse me, I think I hear someone trying to pick a lock that's not supposed to be open yet.


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