Thank you, my Lords and Ladies!

My gratitude is deeply felt, and I am humbly honored by this gift of knighthood....

[back to the real world]

I am a writer. Just am. Think I always have been. I remembering crumbling up a piece of paper and then seeing in it a cliffside manner, much like the Avenger's mansion and secret base of operations, and creating my own team of science-based "superheroes" and that was when I was nine. But, even before that when I was five, I remember riding on my uncles shoulders as we walked through the forest behind the house we lived in, a place full of wonders for me, and just feeling the hidden and untold stories there.

I am a writer. Just am. But, I am an artist as well, and musician (when I have the gift of an instrument within reach), and even a programmer. Those are some of my many loves. But, I also fight a war that has lasted ages, lifetimes, twenty-five years, with fibromyalgia... And, for those (of which there are many) who do not know what this is, it is a disease that affects your musculoskeletal and soft tissue, and inflames your pain receptors. It is days of suffering, followed by days of lessened suffering, followed by days where suffering is all you know, your existence is suffering.

I do not say this for hope of pity; only empathy and understanding. It is something that could also be a gift (there are days when I doubt my own belief) for a writer, a granting of a deeper vision into empathy, which, for any good writer, is a necessary tool. I do not tell you this because I am weak, or for your pity, of which I have no need. I tell you this because I understand, and hope others will follow.

I am a writer with fibromyalgia. Just am.


  • Welcome. I am a member of the "pain for no gorram good reason club" as well.
  • Having lived with fibromyalgia (not personally, but as a caregiver to those who have it) for more than 2 decades, I do understand your suffering. If you have discovered how to channel that into empathic understanding, you have indeed snatched a triumph from the jaws that usually seek to devour a soul.
  • Thank you, guys. That is definitely two of the better responses I've gotten from people when I tell them. And, its funny, because I have also lived as a caregiver. My mom has fibro, and so I took care of her at the same time dealing with my stuff; which meant many trips to the ER. And, now, my wife has it as well... But, we take care of each other.
  • I think you write your position very well. As someone also impacted by chronic illness every day, I get the empathy-not-sympathy thing. There's no monopoly on pain. Caring and understanding make a huge difference, I'm glad you have a good family support network around you.
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