Greetings, and thanks for having me.

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Hello, my name is David, age 34 living in Spain. (David George) on the Facebook group.

I am currently working on my first ever proper Sci-Fi story, so I'm joining all the groups and sites I can find that are related to what I am doing. I'm basically researching everything as I work on my rough draft, from dry peer review papers on geology to conspiratorial Facebook groups about abductions and lizard people.

The Sci-Fi Roundtable is the best group I have found so far, and is easily my favourite. So when I found out there was a proper website I had to join up.

I have writen short science fiction stories in the past, that I only showed to a couple of friends before deleting. So this will be my first official attempt at creating something and putting it out there.

The reason I deleted all my past work, is because I did not really consider it enough material to be able to do anything with it. However my current project is likely to go on for at least 12 books, regardless of if I can get them published or if people even like them.

I am by no means a writer or an author, but you will often see me call myself one, simply because it is faster than explaining myself all the time. Really though, I have no business even attempting to write a book. I am probably the last person that should be doing this.

I was born in England, but I was raised in Spain attending Spashing classes, in a very touristic area of Spain that has its own dialect. As a result of this, and as a result of being married to a lovely lady from The Republic Of China, Taiwan, I have 6 languages clanging around in my head.

Speaking 6 languages (well, 5.5 really) is very good for impressing people at a party, but when it comes to having good grammar, spelling, and punctuation in one specific chosen language, it can really make you look like a fumbling dunce and badly slow you down.

What I am here looking for is: To make new friends and contacts, gain general experience on the topic of sci-fi and writing sci-fi, and to seek advice from time to time on a range of related topics, as well as participating in and some times starting discussions on different subjects.

What I can offer in exchange is: Occasional bits of free artwork for you to use in your projects, constructive criticism from the POV of a reader, general advice based on my past life experience, and someone to generally bounce ideas off of.

Thanks again for letting me join the group.

- Dave.


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