How to Direct a Comment to a Particular Crew Member.

Some of the threads can get long and posts can get lost in the crowd. If you want to make sure someone/s sees your comment you can @ them as follows:

@ RLBeers without the space will let Commander Beers know you want his attention. His name should auto fill a pop-up, but it seems to work even if that function doesn't work.

That's all there is to it.

Carry on.


  • @Captain_Ducky Sorry to bother you, Captain Ducky, but I know you posted a list of all the conventions SFI Roundtable was attending but I cannot find it. Could you please direct me to the list? I just wanted to look over the list of cons to see if there are any I might be able to attend. If you have suggestions as to which you think might be the best ones for a new Knight to go to, please feel free to offer your opinion. Will the Knights be attending the world SF con, for example?
  • Hi Sharon,
    Here is a link for the co-op schedule. It is potentially subject to revision as we are working on optimizing our schedule to increase our sales potential.

    Hope that helps.
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