The Mandolin Mysteries – Three Short Stories

What can I say about Robert Lee Beers? He is talented, funny and makes you believe in his strange urban fantasy take on San Francisco. Tony Mandolin is a marvelous literary creation and I’d recommend getting to know him as soon as you can.

Holidazed: a Tony Mandolin Mysteries short story (The Tony Mandolin Mysteries Book 1)

‘On floor 5 things changed, whether for good or bad is still up in the air.’

It is Thanksgiving and PI Tony Mandolin is enjoying the traditional meal and gathering of friends when another good friend, Police Captain Pat Monahan, turns up at the door with news of a strange disaster back at the police station. Ably assisted by those gathered for the celebratory meal, including his work partner, the ex-drag queen Frankie and his romantic partner Alcina, Tony sets out to deal with – well, no one is quite sure.But that is the way Tony rolls in his day job so a little paranormal overtime on Thanksgiving is not going to make him break a sweat – too much…

This is a short story that captures well all the essential elements of Tony Mandolin, from the humour to the good-heart, from the tough city to the strange and paranormal. It also introduces you to the significant people in his life and the nature of the world he inhabits and the strange investigations he gets asked to handle.

I liked that, unlike the other Tony Mandolin books, this is available through KU. If you already are a fan of the series you will want to read this special holiday story. If you have never heard of Tony Mandolin before, then this is your chance to meet him and maybe discover a new firm favourite urban fantasy hero – and author.

Haberdashed: A Tony Mandolin Short Story (The Tony Mandolin Mysteries)

‘I’m Tony Mandolin, a slightly worn private investigator who’s seen far too many dead bodies killed in far too many weird ways.’

I love bonsai. I love the way that despite their tiny size they retain all the qualities of the full-sized version. This story does that. It is Tony Mandolin in a nutshell – in more ways than one. The story itself is a classic peek into the kind of adventures Mr. Mandolin encounters in his esoteric life as a PI noir hero in an urban fantasy San Fransisco. It is also a perfect introduction to the many and highly varied denizens of alternative San Franciso who share and shape those adventures with Mr. Mandolin

This time it is the fashion industry that has been hit by weird murder and the close Tony looks the weirder it seems to get. Is there some magical Anti-fashonista on the loose? Has someone set out to punish crimes against fashion?

‘This, whatever it was, made hinky look downright normal.’

This is well written, well paced with characters you meet and then feel you know well enough to invite them out for a drink. It has a good storyline and a satisfying ending. Oh – and did I mention it is funny too? Perfect.

If you have yet to discover the Tony Mandolin series, this bite-sized version might be a good entree to the banquet that awaits you. Do I sound like a fan? Hmm, I think maybe I have indeed become one.

Hole Lotta Shakin’: A Tony Mandolin Short Story (The Tony Mandolin Mysteries Book 0)

I did enjoy this book – but in all ethicality I can not review it as I am in it! A lot of name checks for members of the Roundtable too. I can say I was there, in that poker game, San Francisco, 1906…

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