Tales of Wonder

Tales of Wonder – Changeling Child

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“Don’t go you by the Castell Blighe

And if you go by, run!

Don’t go you by light of the moons

Go by light of the sun.

Don’t listen to the voices there,

Don’t hear what they do say,

Or you will find you stay behind

Until your hair turns grey.”

So begins ‘Changeling Child’ a story in the Fortune’s Fools timeline – it falls between the first two trilogies, after the end of Transgressor and before the start of Haruspex. But whilst it has its place in the Fortune’s Fools timeline, it is also a stand alone story which anyone who enjoys science fantasy can appreciate to he full.

It is a story full of childhood mystery, with playground rhymes, riddles, fairy land and magical happenings. It also gives more than a passing nod to a classic work of literature that also deals with the realm of fairies and magic. Something to look out for, maybe, for the perceptive reader.

I can’t say much more about the story without entering spoiler territory, but it does feature characters who will be familiar to those who have read Transgressor and it gives insight into events which are referred to obliquely in Haruspex.

It would be beyond remiss of me to neglect to mention the other eight stories in Tales of Wonder as well. They are all really excellent reading and will introduce you to some amazing authors who you will want to read further including some Roundtable authors:

Leo McBride – The Last Sorcerer,  Ricardo Victoria – Kaana,  Rob Edwards – Lair of The Thunderlord and Brent A. Harris – A Twist in Time. The other excellent writers to connect with are Jessica Holmes – An Honest Trader, Terri Pray – Grace. Matthew Harvey – A Very Improper Adventure and Jeff Provine – Sedna’s Hair.

 You can find Tales of Wonder here.

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