Jazatar Baldrik – The Mercenary

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To most people, the ‘City is infamous for being the crime capital of the Coalition and Shame Cullen is the biggest Name amongst the criminal syndicates that dominate it’s skyline. To Jazatar Baldrik the ‘City is simply his home. Having survived five years of convict military service in the Special Legion, under the most brutal and savage conditions imaginable, Jaz just wants to rebuild whatever he can out of the shattered remnants of his life.

Life never gave Jaz any breaks. He started at the bottom and clawed his way up making his own. But then that’s how it is when you start life as a street kid in the most dangerous city in the civilised galaxy.  From the first, Jaz had to fight for everything he ever got out of life: the education he needed to qualify for the military, the promotions once he was accepted, and all the time fighting the prejudice of his origins.

In his prime, he was someone who commanded respect as a mercenary. Running with the finest units that were fighting corporate resource wars and making a name for himself as one of the elite in that challenging profession.

Apart from his career, the only thing that Jaz really cared about was his family – his partner and their two sons.

She always knew and accepted the dangers of his mercenary work, then she once did military service herself and knew just how good he was at it. It took him away from home for a cycle or more at a time – but also meant he could be around a lot between times and that worked well for them with the children.

Then he met Avilon Revid and discovered a friend he had not expected:

Avilon had few other real friends, if any, just followers and admirers. Jaz understood it. Within his organisation, The Legacy, there was no one Avilon could be at ease with. As the head of their Direct Action section – the general of their amateur army – he needed to stand apart. He had to be the legend they wanted him to be. And outside the Legacy he had nothing but enemies. And plenty enough of them.

They met more than a dozen years before, when Avilon pulled Jaz out of a bad place – saved his life. And to begin with, nothing more than the need to repay that debt made Jaz keep in contact. But somehow things shifted and a real friendship grew. Real trust.

Which was why when Avilon asked for his professional help in a strike that would cripple the Coalition, Jaz had accepted. He had no time for the Legacy and its political dreams and little more than contempt for its methods. Jaz took it on for his friend – his brother. The price of that was a sentence to serve in the Special Legion, a military convict unit which was designed to function as a deferred death penalty…

Check out this FREE short story that gives insight into Jaz’s experiences in the Special Legion.

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