Durban Chola – The Enigma

It would not be strictly accurate to say Durban Chola had been born on the primitive planet of Temsevar, but he started out there as a child. After a varied and dangerous career as a political intriguer, including a couple of years offworld in the notorious Starcity, Durban discovered some interesting details about his own past.

Now he wants to find Avilon and restore him to the man he once was. But tracing the ex-convict is not at all simple and Durban finds himself forced to seek assistance from the kind of individual he would normally avoid at all costs.

“We can co-operate, Blondie. Sure, You tell me what you are going to look at and I’ll keep elsewhere.” He finished with whatever he had been doing and turned back to Durban, the clear message of challenge in his dark eyes.

“That’s – helpful,” Durban observed, his tone mild. “How do you see this working out then?”

And the ‘City is a dangerous place to be even if you have allies

He saw three men approaching the main door in a wedge formation. The one at the front flanked a step behind on either side by the other two. Durban, who had a long, and often too close, acquaintance with ruthless killers, recognised the breed. He touched the arm of the man sitting with him, who seemed paralysed.

“You ought to go.”

The words unfroze the man who suddenly looked at Durban as if seeing him for the first time, his tongue darting out, snake-like, to moisten his lips.

“These people – I can’t – I mean, they’ll drop you.”

With such reluctant allies and overly many foes, even if Durban can survive long enough to find Avilon, there is no guarantee he can persuade the new persona to sacrifice itself for the old. In the meantime, he is forced back into his old trade of intriguer, but in a place where to do so is infinitely more dangerous than anything he has faced before.

Jazatar Baldrik – The Mercenary 

Charity Sweetling – The Freighter Pilot 

Avilon Revid – The Convicted Terrorist


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