Table Share

This is absolutely the least expensive way to get your paperbacks in on the Sci Fi Roundtable booth.

This option is ideal for those who:

  • Want an economical way to get their books into Cons,
  • Already have experience at Cons and want to expand their exposure,
  • Are out of the country and want to get paperbacks into the US market,
  • Are just shy and really hate being in crowds (we get it, honest).

How the Table Share works:

First step is to contact us and submit an application to the Co-Op to have your book(s) considered. We should be able to give you an answer in a couple days at the most (depending upon how busy things are).  In the event that there is something that might need tweaking, we will give you our feedback as well. Our intent here is to get you marketable, so we’re looking for professional presentation more than story content.  We want to get your books in readers hands … after that it is up to your storytelling to make sure they want to come back again for your next books.

Once we’ve reviewed your submission,  we will send you a consignment sales agreement and we’ll invoice you for your Table Share fee.


This fee is $20 per author per Con, plus $5 per title after the first two (up to a limit of 5 titles total).  As an example if you have 4 titles, you pay $20 and then $5 each for your third and fourth titles. This means that your minimum cost is $20 and your maximum is $35 per Con in which you want to participate.

After the Table Share fee, the Co-Op takes 15% off your gross sales, plus applicable taxes, but you get the rest paid to you within a week of the end of the Con (via Paypal).

Before your first Con:

You will need to get the books and sales aids shipped to us a minimum of one week before the date the con starts. If you need help getting these things together we can help if you contact us.  Remember the more lead time you give us on an issue the more we can do to help solve the problem. This is especially true if you are setting yourself up to move from Amazon PoD to Createspace or Ingram Spark.

You are responsible for your own book printing and shipping costs (both directions, if you wish your books returned … otherwise we can stock a supply of your books for future events in which you elect to participate).

You also will need to print a few sales support items such as Promo Cards, bookmarks, business cards etc.  These aren’t expensive and you can get the links for where to get the things we recommend here.

You must have an active Paypal account (or have made other arrangements in advance) to get paid after the convention.

We will be limiting the number of Table Shares at any event (based on space available), so if you are interested in participating at any specific event, you need to book your share in advance, since we expect this to be a very popular option.

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