Featured Author

This option provides a full Convention experience with very little hassle and headache.

This option is ideal for those who want to:

  • Personally attend the Con
  • Meet and autograph books for your readers
  • Network with other authors and professionals
  • Build brand identity as an author
  • Learn some new marketing skills from the other attendees by working together to run the booth

How the Featured Author Option works:

As with the Table Share Option, the first step is to contact us  to check on availability and to submit an application to the Co-Op to have your book(s) considered.  From there if there is space available we’ll arrange to send an invoice for your portion of the table.

As a Featured Author you will get your own table (20″x 40″) in the Sci Fi Roundtable booth and banner space on the backdrop and your table front to dedicate to your own work.  We will provide the table, book racks, and stands for you to display your books and sales aids.  We’ll work closely with you to make sure you are ready to make a good impression (unless you are a veteran of Cons and then we’ll stay out of your hair and let you do your thing).

With this option you also get to attend the Con, interact with readers, and sign books.   This does mean you must be willing to commit to being at the specific Con and participating in helping to run the booth (trust me Cons are a wonderful experience for those that haven’t done them).

There will be no more than two featured authors at any event (at least initially) because of the space limitations of the booth setup.


In this case, you pay 25% of the table cost (so this amount will vary proportionate to the Booth Fees we pay).  When you apply for a specific Con we can tell you exactly what your fee will be, but in general it will run between $75 and $150 depending on the size of the event (some events may be more expensive but right now that is the range we are shooting for).

We will provide credit card processing (unless you are set up for it yourself) and will collect a processing fee 15% plus taxes on any of the transactions we handle (we do have to pay credit card fees and Uncle Sam his cut).

You will be responsible for your own food and lodging as well, but in the case of Literary Cons there are often blocks of discounted rooms in the hotel.  If you wish to take advantage of this potential, we can handle making those arrangements.  We would then book the hotel room in the Sci Fi Roundtable name and pass those costs on to you.  Room blocks at Cons do book fast, so there is no guarantee we can do this in every case.  Plan for your own room if this option is not available.

Before You arrive:

There are several things you will need to have with you (or ship to us) before you arrive at your first con.

Obviously you will need to have books in hand.  We recommend no less than 50 per title if at all possible since even at a small event that is what we’ve managed to move from our table. If you ship them in we will make sure they are there when you arrive.  You can bring them with you if you are driving.

We also recommend at least one banner.  This banner will hang from the front edge of your table in the booth.  We do have space for up to two more banners of the same specification and you can bring those too.  We will provide a means to attach all your banners to the backdrop and table cover.

You will need to have any other sales aids you wish with you (a list of recommended items and specifications is here) and we will provide display stands as long as they are within the sizes we specify (if you have different sizes or other items, please contact us in advance so we can accommodate your gear).

Because the Featured Author option does require full participation by the Author, we will work very closely with you to coordinate the entire process and to make sure it all works smoothly.

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