The Co-Op

Getting involved in Sci Fi Conventions and Comic Conventions is a tremendous opportunity to both sell books, and get the exposure essential to becoming a successful SF/F Author. Having attended tons of these events over the last decade, I cannot stress enough the value these events represent to someone trying to make it as a professional SF/F writer. Unfortunately a lot of Indie Authors fall into the starving artist classification, or are simply too busy to set up and run a Con booth on their own, so they never get the chance to discover this potential marketing and advertising outlet for their work.

Realizing that there is a need to get this exposure for those that otherwise can’t, we’ve decided to launch the Sci Fi Roundtable Convention Co-Op. Our goal is to give our Knights a chance to get their work more widely seen at Sci Fi and Comic Cons without breaking the bank, or requiring too much time to participate.

To do this, we’re buying Vendor Booths at Cons (as opposed to “artist alley” spaces), and we’re launching a program to offer shared table space under the Sci Fi Roundtable Banner.  The Sci Fi Roundtable booth we’re designing will basically be a “boutique style bookstore” specifically for our Knights, and stocked exclusively with books written or produced by our authors.

How We plan to do this:

In a nutshell, we are going to let our Knights pick up a share of our booth at all the conventions we are attending (see the current schedule).  Depending on how you want to participate, we have two ways this will work:

  • Table Share:  To participate in this option, you will pay a minimal fee of $20 or so (plus a small fee on units sold) to get your books into whatever convention you choose, and on display in front of a very motivated audience (more details). This option is also ideal for Knights who currently attend Cons in one part of the country and want to get exposure in other areas as well.
  • Featured Author:  For this option, you would pay 25% of the booth cost (so this cost will vary proportionate to the booth fees we pay), but in this case you get into the Con and can interact with readers, meet other professionals, and sign books for your fans (more details).  Attending a convention is not just a lot of fun, but a chance to really network with folks that can help to advance your writing career!

To participate in the Co-Op you will need to provide a minimum of 10 of books for us to sell (more for the Featured Author Option), and a few other promotional things. Even considering these expenses, participating in the Co-op will give you a chance to get your books in front of targeted readers for a lot smaller commitment than you’d have to make on your own.

Now here’s another very cool thing to consider:

  • If someone that wants to participate is not in the USA, you can still do the Table Share.  If you are not already, we can help you get your book set up on CreateSpace, where you can order copies of your book and drop ship them to us directly.  This means that even if you aren’t in the US you can still sell through our Sci Fi Roundtable booth! And honestly there are so many American SF/F conventions on an annual basis, that once we get this fully rolling you might be surprised at how often you could get books in front of US readers.

Preparing to Launch:

Initially as we shakedown the process we plan to attend mid-size conventions throughout the Rocky Mountains and the Southwest, but it is our intent to expand this operation to events throughout the country by the end of next year.

We currently have TEN conventions we are scheduling through the first half of next year and will be launching this whole project at the Sante Fe Comic Con on October 20-22.

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